Telephone Systems

  •  Q- How do I change the time on my Samsung Phone System? 
  •  A-  Click here for a simple guide on how to change the time on your phones without having to request a technician.
  • Q- My Phones are not working, what do I do?
  • A- If the phone system is having a problem, usually a system reboot will remedy the issue. If this does not fix the problem, please contact us at 601-296-9627.

Alarm Systems

  • Q- My system is beeping, how do I make it stop?
  • A- Typing in your code, in most cases, should make the alarm stop beeping. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us at 601-296-9627.
  • Q- My alarm system is showing “Service.” What is wrong? (GE)
  • A- Consult your appropriate alarm system user guide. You can download a manual from our “Manuals” tab on our website. In most cases the problem is a phone line, low battery, or a power problem.
  • Q- My alarm system is showing “94” or “Telco Fault.”  What is wrong? (Honeywell)
  • A- This means there is a issue with your phone line or your phone line went out temporarily. Usually this message can be cleared by arming then disarming your system.
  • Q- My alarm system is showing “FC” or “Comm.Failure.” What’s wrong? (Honeywell)
  • A- This means that your alarm system had trouble communicating to the central station. The system needs to be tested. This message will clear itself out once a signal is successfully communicated to the central station.
  • Q- My system is showing a “Low Battery” message.  What do I do?
  • A- The control battery is rechargeable but should be replaced every 3-5 years. However, if it is a wireless sensor battery, they are not rechargeable and need to be replaced every 3-4 years depending on usage. If you are having difficulty determining what type of battery is needed, please contact us at 601-296-9627.
  • Q- How do I cancel my monitoring service?
  • A-  A written notice is required for cancellation or nonrenewal of monitoring service.                Click here if you would like to discontinue your service.
  • Q- How do I make changes to my call list?
  • A- Written notice required to make any changes to your account.                                                     Click here to request changes to your account.